Expert Opinion for Students


It is hereby notified for all Students of the Institute that in order to increase their preparedness and to improve their performance in examination following guidelines should be followed:

1. Answer must be brief, relevant, neat and clean.

2. Conceptual questions should also be answered along with mathematical questions.

3. Check the sentence structure, grammar and spelling very sincerely.

4. Answer the questions (each part of the question i.e. 3 (a, b, c, d…)) in order and start the new question from a fresh sheet.

5. Write the answers with reference to IAS/IFRS in relevant cases.

6. Include all necessary computations/workings/notes and disclosures with the answer.

7. Write the answer with example (if necessary).

8. In case of conceptual/analysis/decision making questions, write very carefully and logically without bringing too much detail of irrelevant topics.

9. Follow a set of text books, study materials, case materials and reference materials for this subject. Don’t concentrate only on solving previous years’ questions.

10. Study the whole area of the syllabus giving equal importance to each chapter.

11. Avoid guessing chapters and divide those as important and not important.

12. Always keep yourselves updated on recent changes in the subject matter.

13. Practice and practice to make yourself perfect so that answers could be made within time.

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