The Institute has a long heritage of rendering professional services to the nation. The journey of the glorious profession of Cost and Management Accounting began in the pre-independent Bangladesh with the founding of a branch of The Pakistan Institute of Industrial Accountants (PIIA) in 1958. As we started a fresh journey towards success and prosperity in independent Bangladesh, the profession entered into a new era. In 1972, the Institute was re-established in the name of Bangladesh Institute of Industrial Accountants (BIIA). Thereafter, the members of the Institute through their excellence in various fields proved their credibility in the national and international outfit which started building the credentials for the Institute for gaining acceptability from all concerned and to attain confidence of the government and business community of the country. With the changing need of time the Government of Bangladesh renamed it as The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) through promulgation of The Cost and Management Accountants Ordinance 1977 (Ordinance No LIII of 1977). Now in 2014, after a 40 years arduous journey, the chronicle of success earned by our predecessors has brought us to the place where we stand today.

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