7.1       Eligibility

            The following regulations cover the eligibility requirements for sitting in an ICMAB examination:

            Students who are enrolled under the coaching course programme in a particular  session, are required to attend at least 75% lectures in the class and to pass 60% class test to the satisfaction of the teachers concerned. Class test programmes are provided to the students by their respective teachers.

            Students who are enrolled under the Correspondence Course programme are required to submit all their assignments (100%) before filling up examination form and obtain 60% marks in each assignment.

            Students having less than 75% attendance or submitting less than 100% assignment, may be allowed to sit the examination by paying the specific amount of fine as per regulation of the Institute.

            a.         A student will have to appear all subjects of a particular level at a time and single subject pass will be countable of the level at one sitting. Examination centres at present are atDhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna and Comilla. Examination centres may also be organised in foreign countries at the request of the registered students, provided sufficient candidates apply to sit for the examination. The dates and centres of examinations are regulated and published by Council of the Institute.

            b.         The examination of five levels must be taken in correct sequence. However, a student may be allowed to appear at examination for two consecutive levels viz. Foundation Level and Professional Level-I or Professional Level-I & II and so on. No subject of Professional Level-II may be attempted until Foundation Level has been completed by way of successful examination or exemption. No subject of Professional Level-IV may be attempted until Foundation Level, PL-I & PL-II have been completed by way of successful examination or exemption.


7.2       Examination Application

            Examinations are generally conducted twice in June and December each year.

            Application for admission to an examination is to be submitted by the candidates on the prescribed form, which may be obtained from the Head Office or any Regional/Branch Office or any of the coaching centres of the Institute. Applications providing complete details required on both sides of the form, be sent, so as to reach the Head Office or Branches/Coaching Centres and so on by the prescribed date. Applications for examination are to be accepted only if all the requirements including payment of all dues, have been complied with and the Finance department/Education department must have verified the compliance.

            All outstanding dues including Annual Subscription must be paid along with Examination Application.

            Candidates are advised to write their full name as well as mailing address on the examination forms legibly and in Block Letters. Candidates in service are advised to give their office address alongwith designation. Examination forms which do not meet these requirements are liable to be rejected.

7.2.1    Communication of Examination Results

            Notification in writing of the results of each examination will be hung in the Notice Board. The Institute does not enter into correspondence with students as to the reasons for failure in an examination and no application is accepted for review of examination results.

            Following grades are provided on the result slip against the subjects in order to show performance:

            Grade-A  Pass Standard

            Grade-B  Not upto pass standard

            Grade-C  Considerably below pass standard

            Grade-D  Poor Standard

            Grade-E  Very Poor Standard

            The result of those students who qualify in the final examination of the Institute is published in the Official Gazette of Bangladesh. Any candidate who has failed to pass an examination to the satisfaction of the Examination Committee may offer himself again on any subsequent occasion, provided that he has to pass all the examinations of the Institute within a period of ten years from the date of his registration as a student. Failure to pass all the examinations within the said period of ten years or the extended period shall entail cancellation of registration unless otherwise decided by the Council.

7.3       Instructions to the Examinees

            On receipt of their Admit Card/Slip the candidates are advised to check the particulars entered therein. Inaccuracies, if any, must be brought immediately to the notice of the Head of Department (Examination).

            A candidate who is late by more than thirty minutes is not allowed to appear/enter the examination premises. Similarly no examinee shall be allowed to leave the examination hall earlier than one hour after the commencement of the examination.

7.4       Payment of Fees

            A student seeking registration with the Institute are to pay Registration fee, Admission fee, Tuition fee, Annual subscription, Library Card fee, Identity Card fee, Semester fee etc. as determined by the authority from time to time.

            Tuition fee paid on enrolment for subject(s) will not be refunded to any student in case he discontinues his studies and it will be lapsed to the Institute.

            In case he joins coaching classes during next or subsequent years, he will be required to pay full tuition fees and his previous payments on account of fees will not be adjusted.

            Those students who have already completed 75% lecture attendance in certain subjects during previous year and if they intend to re-enroll under the same subjects to up-date their studies through coaching classes in the current year, they will be charged tuition fees prescribed for these subjects.

            Those students who enrolled during previous years under coaching classes but could not complete their attendance and did not pay 100% coaching dues during the year of enrolment and left classes un-attended, they will be required to pay full tuition fees for the current year in one installment only in case they re-enroll under the same courses.

7.5       Methods of payment of fees

            All dues and fees must be paid in one of the following methods:

            i.          For payment at Head Office, Dhaka.

            a.         by payment to designated Bank of the Institute.

            b.         by Pay Order/Demand Draft crossed in the name of the “Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh,” payable at Dhaka.

            ii.         For payment at Branches or Coaching Centres

            a.         by payment to designated Bank of the respective branch/coaching centre of the Institute.

            b.         Pay Order/Demand Draft crossed in the name of the “Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh” payable at the branch or Coaching Centres.

            iii.        Personal Cheque, Money Order, Postal Order or Demand Draft payable out of station are not acceptable under any circumstances.

            iv.        Payments of dues and fees for Correspondence Course must be made to Head Office,Dhaka only in the manner laid above.

7.6       Proficiency Awards

            The following awards are given to the candidates in recognition of their outstanding success in the examination:

            Just getting highest marks does not qualify a candidate to receive an award unless he has achieved a minimum requirement laid down by the authority of the Institute from time to time.


1.         ICMA President Gold Medal: One Gold medal under the name of “ICMA President Gold Medal” will be awarded to one student in each examination for passing the Professional Level-IV examination in one chance by securing the highest total marks but not less than 60% marks in any subject and 65% marks in the aggregate. The medal will be made of 1.5 tolas gold in which monogram of the Institute will be inserted.

2.         ICMA President Silver Medal: Four Silver medals will be awarded to four students for passing the Foundation Level, Professional Level-I and Level-II of Intermediate and Level-III of Final examination respectively in one chance securing the highest total marks but not less than 60% marks in the aggregate and 55% marks in any subject. Each silver medal will be made of 3.00 totals silver in which monogram of the Institute will be inserted.

3.         ICMA Cash Prize:

            a.         Cash Prize of Tk.1,000.00 each will be awarded to students securing highest marks but not less than 75% marks in each subject separately in all subjects of Foundation Level and Level-I of Intermediate.

            b.         Cash Prize of Tk.1,500.00 each will be awarded to students securing highest marks but not less than 75% marks in each subject separately in all subjects of Professional Level-II of Intermediate and Level-III & Level-IV of Final.

            c.         Cash Prize of Tk.3,000.00 each will be awarded to students passing the whole CMA Course within 36 months of getting registration from the Institute.

4.         Student securing highest total similar in any of the above cases will be awarded medals/cash prizes as the case may be.

5.         Scholarship:

            We have a provision for scholarship to the meritorious students who can avail the following scholarship: 

            a.         A. F. Mujibur Rahman Foundation Scholarship

            b.         Syed Manjur Elahi Scholarship

            c.         Al-Haj Tofazuddin & Golapjan Memorial Trust

            d.         Muzaffar Ahmed Memorial (ICMAB) Trust.

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