Research report and viva voice: The students will undertake this course after passing PL-III and before passing/qualifying all the above 20 subjects. The students will go under an intensive practical training in any industry, manufacturing unit, service industry, financial and leasing industry or non Government organization or non profit organization and at the same time the students will undertake one research work on a suitable topic approved by the Institute and will complete the research work in context of the organization from which the students will take job practical training and thus the students will require to write a research report on the above topic. The incumbent is allowed to submit the research paper during his/her work period in any organization. The students will take such practical training under one supervisor appointed by the Institute. The students will complete such practical training and research work within 3 months of undergoing internship program. The research or internship report will be submitted within 3 months time with a satisfactory certification from the supervisor. After submission of research report the students will be asked to appear before a viva voce test. In the viva voce test the interview committee will give marks on research report carrying 75 marks and will award marks on viva voce test carrying 25 marks totaling 100 marks for such internship and research work and if a student gets at least 60 marks in this course then the students will be finally declared as qualified CMA, and then the students will be able to apply for Associate Membership of the Institute by making compliance of all other rules and regulations of becoming an Associate member. The research report will be written, inter alia, highlighting the following chapters and topics.

a. Management Research - An aid to decision making,
b. Introduction to the Research topic,
c. Research strategies,
d. Research methodology,
e. Hypothesis,
f. Questionnaire,
g. Analysis and finding of data,
h. Issues in correlation and regression and Factors Analysis.
i. Recommendation and Conclusion.

The students are advised to study one or two books on research methodology. The students are expected to write the research report maintaining the quality and standard of M. Phil. degree.

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