203.  Commercial & Industrial Laws – 100

Course Objectives:

Business environment is basically formed by a number of laws in force in a country relating to the conduct and behavior of business organizations. Business Executives in the course of performing their normal duties will encounter the application part of these laws. Unless they have a thorough knowledge about business laws, he or she will not be able to deal with two main groups of peoples related to a business i.e., outsiders and insiders. It is the objective of this course to give a detailed idea of the various laws in this regard.


203.01 Law of contract - (The contract Act –1872)

Definition, necessity, essential elements of a contract, classification of contract, offers and acceptance, Free contract, void and voidable contract, Quazi contract, Indemnity and grantee, Law of agency, Test of agency, Creating agency, Misreprentation and fraud by agent, sub-agent, co-agent, Agent’s right and Personal responsibility of agent.


203.02 Sale of Goods – (Sale of goods Act – 1930)

Definition, Essential elements of contract for the sale of goods, stipulation of sales, transfer of ownership, conditions and warranties, Performance of Contract of sale, remedial measures, auction sale and rules regarding delivery.  


203.03 Other Laws

3.01Negotiable Instruments Act – 1882.

Definition and nature of negotiable instrument; Different types of negotiable instruments their nature and differences between them. Rights and liabilities of different parties to negotiable instruments; Dishonor and discharge of negotiable instruments.

3.02Carriage of goods Act  - 1815.

Carriage of goods by road, sea and air; rights and duties of carriers, documentation of carriage.

3.03 Law of Arbitration (Arbitration Act – 1940).

Definition, nature, issues to arbitration, appointment of arbitration, his power, rights and duties, award.

3.04 Trade Mark Act – 1940.

3.05 Patent and Design Act – 1911

3.06 Copy Right Act – 2000.

B. Industrial Law – 50

The Bangladesh Labour Act 2006

203.01 Labor Administration

1.01 History of enactment

1.02 Nature, object and principles

1.03 Condition of employment, classification of labor.

1.04 Appointment letter, service book, labor Register

1.05 Leave procedure, stoppage of work, lock out, lay off

1.06 Retrenchment, replacement, Termination, discharge and dismissal. Grievance procedure. 


203.02 Employees Benefits 

2.01 Leave, holidays and working hours.

2.02 Employment of Children and young persons.

2.03 Maternity, welfare facilities.

2.04 Health and hygiene, Safety and welfare measures.

2.05 Wags and payment.

2.06 Disablement and payment of Compensation.


203.03 Industrial Relation Dispute Settlement

3.01 Trade Union and industrial relations.

3.02 Industrial disputes and their settlement through non–adjudicatory and adjudicatory methods.

3.03 Composition and function of labor court and labor Appellate Tribunal.

3.04 Worker’s participation in companies profits.


Recommended Text books.

1.The contract Act – 1872 – Obaidul Hoque Chowdhury (3rd edition).

2. Mercantile Law – Chartesworth

3. Relevant Acts.

4. The Bangladesh Labor Act – 2006

5. The Factories Act – 2006

6. The Shop and Establishment Act – 1965

7. Bangladesh Bank (Nationalization) Order – 1972.

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