Advanced Course in Leadership Communication - Batch 1


Thursday, 13. October 2016, 06:00pm 
Location : Room No. 701, 6th Floor ICMAB Bhaban,Nilkhet, Dhaka
Contact : Mr. Mirza Mostafa Walid, Additional Director, Mobile: 01972101612, 01922101612

Program Structure
Number of Sessions: 6
Total Program Duration: 6 weeks
Session Days: Every Thursday, 6 PM to 9 PM
Target Participants: Senior Managers, Managers

Mohammad Saif Noman Khan
Assistant Professor & Course Administrator (Executive Education):
Leadership Certificate in Managerial Communication (LCMC)
Competitive Business Strategy & Innovation (CBSI)
Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka
Chief Advisor & Trainer, Sapien Strategy Consulting & Research Ltd.
MBA, Strategy, Innovation & Management Consulting (Schulich, Canada)
MBA, Finance (IBA, DU). MA, BA (Hons.), English Literature (University of Dhaka)

Course Overview

The world is changing every day. We are witnessing unprecedented shifts in the global marketplace and Bangladesh is also affected. In this time senior management must develop advanced managerial and communication skills to retain leadership positions within their organization and the industry they operate in. Communication & Interpersonal skill is the building blocks of leadership in any context. Successful corporate leaders are made not born. Communication & Interpersonal skill lies at the heart of supervisory skills. Though the art of communication is the language of leadership the ‘act of communicating’, itself can be a source of great stress for senior management. These modules were thus designed to help senior management develop receptive mindsets and accommodative attitudes for enabling effective and unbiased communication in the workplace for maximum impact. The art of supervisory leadership is the essence of the program.

The program will be spread over 6 weeks. The sessions are all sequentially connected and will build on one another. The 6 weeks long duration will also allow the participants enough time to go back to their work every week and apply the lessons and provide feedback to trainers. Depending on the feedback the next sessions will be customized so that problems can be addressed to participants' benefit. This model will also allow participants to attempt process change to accelerate organizational performance. Trainers in subsequent sessions will be able to advise on successful process change implementation.

Key Contents:
Session 1 : Self Leadership: Key to Success in an ever changing world
Session 2 : Developing/improving Leadership Communication: Advanced Level
Session 3 : Adaptation Skills, Leadership & Communication Barriers and Non Colonial Frameworks
Session 4 : Business Letters & Email for Impact: Individuality, Simplicity & Customer Centricity Giving & Receiving Feedback
Session 5 :Handling Negative Situations for Business Success Global Supervisory Leadership: Developing staff, motivating and inspiring skills
Session 6 : Power Pose: Impactful Body Language of Leaders Fundamentals of Influencing & Persuasion

Major Benefits of Attending: 

  • Understand the role of Communication itself as the language of Leadership; Fundamentals of Self advancement in the 21st Century Business World
  • Develop positive attitude and understand workplace demands better. Be able to see the bigger picture and develop holistic thinking capability
  • Have greater self-awareness (mindset); develop leadership capability; master self leadership.
  • Master effective spoken & writing skill (with individuality, simplicity and you-viewpoint).
  • Have an enhanced appreciation of challenges of effective communication (through the perceptual framework); and have the understanding of the contextual demands of communication.
  • Master the skill of adaptation, empathy & effective listening
  • Master power body language; appropriate posture, gesture, dress etiquette for business leaders
  • Master the techniques of Business Letters & other written communication and Learn the techniques of impactful email
  • Manage Interdepartmental Conflicts & Ensure Collaboration
  • Be able to deal with negative situations, protecting relationships; give constructive feedback
  • Enhance the skill of persuasion and/or influence and have control over the situation as a manager Handling Difficult Situations and Managing Negative Situations
  • Master the art of Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring Others
  • Move toward a Value Creation Mindset; for grater organizational contribution and self advancement

Registration Process : Interested Members are requested to contact: Mr. Mirza Mostafa Walid, Additional Director, Mobile: 01972101612, 01922101612 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for Application : Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Advanced  Course in Leadership  Communication


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